Stock Dot Genie currently contains ten (10) custom technical indicators.  Each Indicator is completely described on it's own page that you can find under the links in the header menues titled"Technical Indicators."  You can also get to each of these pages by clicking on the indicators individual images below.  The embedded links they contain will take you to the specific instruction page for each advanced technical indicator.  Each dedicated page also contains specific examples of situations where these indicators can be instrumental in helping you understand the current market dynamics, enabling you to make the most profitable trading decisions. 

The most successful traders in todays volatile market conditions have developed the discipline to remove all emotion from their trading decisions.  They produce a plan that includes very specific entry and exit criteria. Then and this is by far the most important element of any trading plan, they fellow that plan without exception.  "Plan your trades and trade your plan!"  StockDotGenie provides indicators that provides clear, concise indications of profitable entry and exit points as well as multiple indicators that will help you confirm the validity of these decision / turning points.

The image above reproduces the links that can be found in the header of every SDG page and allows you to jump to any page on the site by accessing the drop down menus they contain.

The footer of every SDG page provides three navigational links. The red dot takes you to the previous page, the green dot take you to the next page and the Genie Lamp will take you to the SDG application on the Tradingview site. Contact information can be obtained by clicking on any of the Dots below the footer.