New User ~ Jamie


I purchased the Swing Genie. Can you purchase individual indicators from you guys. I would likethe Risk Management Indicator to complement the Swing Genie.

Have you done much research on Swing Genie with stops and profit targets and entries. For example, if you get a buy circle, do you buy the open the next day, do you set a limit buy below the close of the previous day. 

Any information or thoughts to get the absolute maximum out of the system. Looks like a great tool !!!!


Welcome to SWING•GENIE!

Please limit your comments to: 1) Questions; 2) Trading ideas, including Entry / Exit opportunities that are technically driven; 3) Recomendations for changes and improvement to this suite of Technical Analysis indicators and any: 4) Swing / Day trading techniques / tips the readers of this blog will find helpful. 

Please do not make any of your comments personal.  This is about making money in the markets. Nothing else.

Thanks Michael