The SWING•GENIE AROON indicator was developed to provide strong color bands at each of the levels that are indicated a key levels by the developers of the indicator. It also allows you to see at a glance if the trend is up or down by just looking at the color of line on top. Green and the trend is up, red and the trend is down.


The Arron indicator is composed of two lines. An Up line which measures the number of periods since a High, and a Down line which measures the number of periods since a Low.

Crossovers of the two lines (AROON UP and AROON DOWN) can signal trend reversals.


• Surge to 100 by Aroon Up and decreasing value in Aroon Down.


• Surge to 100 by Aroon Down and decreasing value in Aroon Up.


• Aroon Up above 70 indicates a strong up-trend.

• When the Aroon Up is above the Aroon Down, it indicates bullish price behavior.

• Aroon Down above 70 indicates a strond down-trend

• When the Aroon Down is above the Aroon Up, it signals bearish price behavior.  


• Aroon Up below 50 warns that the up-trend is weakening.

• Aroon Down below 50 signals that the down-trend is weakening.


• The two moving down in close proximity indicates consolidation, with no clear trend.

If the Aroon Up line goes to the top of the range there is a strong possibility of an up trend beginning. If the Up line stays between the 100 and the 70 values then an up trend is in motion. The closer it remains to the top, the stronger the trend. If the Up line moves down breaks through the 50% line, then the trend is weakening. If it reaches the bottom of the range, then the up trend is usually over and a downtrend may have started. In summary, a strong trend is likely happening if the Up line goes to the top and stays there. A failing trend is likely if the Up line pulls back to the 50% threshold, and a possible reversal to a down trend if it falls below the 30% threshold. Reverse logic is true for a down trend using the Aroon Down line.

SYSTEM Integration of the AROON Indicator

AROON - SYS=INTEG copy.png

The nature of the individual SWING•GENIE indicators provides you with both an advanced and progressive warning of trading opportunities and exit warnings. In the examples shown above the first cronological signal generated is by the GENIE CYCLES indicator (A). If you where not already in this trade the second signal indicating you should enter was AROON (E). AROON and shows the cross of the up line over the down line generatting new up trend indication. The next signal was generated by the Momemtum Trend indicator (F). MOTREND indicating that the short term Hurst cycle is bouncing against the upper range of the long term Hurst Cycle. You want to remain in this trade as long as that condition continues to exist. As you can see the GENIE CYCLES indicator whent through a reversal in the middle of the the up-trend green band produced by the MOTREND indicator. This is important because the MOTREND indicator would have keept you in this trade through this short term reversal and and subsuquent reverson to mean.

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Several paid news letters hype that their magical “X” marks the spot as so miraculous that you should be paying to obtain their advice on when this profitable signal appears. They are just selling you the Aroon indicator when it signals a new high, repackaged with a little hocus-pocus marketing. You can read about one such paid campaign here.