TradingView provides traders with real-time, advanced, native HTML5 stock charts, news and alerts.  Trading view continually strives to provide retail traders with the best, professional-level trading platform available on the internet. 

One of the great advantages to TradingView is the opportunity to see the market through many different individual’s unique perspectives. Each new perspective offers the opportunity to gain some additional insight and thus advantage into todays volatile markets.

Change the SP500 ticker symbol in the upper left hand box of the chart below to any stock symbol that may interest you.  Tradingview will display your chart as well as the recent news associated with it.  The widget below is fully functional, although there are many valuable features only available directly from within the TradingView site

Tradingview is an amazingly versatile platform that allows you to rearrange, delete or add any custom  indicator that either comes standard on the  site or are produced by a very talented programming  community.   Many excellent  indicators produced by these programmers are provided free of any cost.  Many of these indicators exactly replicate professional  platforms that cost their initial users many thousands of  dollars.  Some require a nominal monthly fee like SDG.  You get to pick and choose and then produce you own ultimate trading platform with little or no additional expense to your own bottom line trading cost. 

Tradingview has an entire universe of built-in and custom indicators.  At the top of your trading chart click on the box labeled “Indicators,” and a list of all available add-in indicators will appear.  You can also search within “scripts” at the top of the main Tradingview page.  To Immediately begin to appreciate the power, value and versatility of the Tradingview platform click this link and at the top of the page choose "charts."

You will be able to immediately set up your first TV Chart and configure it exactly how your trading preferences are best served.  The StockDotGenie or SWING•GENIE application packages can be accessed through the center navigation icon, the Genie's Lamp, below.