SWING•GENIE's Early Warning System, deconstructs your stocks chart and then reassembles it, exposing each and every parabolic trading opportunity, as the animation below demonstrates. 


SWING•GENIE provides traders with a continuous stream of signals (see graph below) providing the status of your trade in real time and most importantely alerting traders of impending changes in price direction. When high volatility can dramatically impact your account balance you need this type of realtime and advanced warning system.

SWING•GENIE combines three Indicators, that both signal the approach of potential trading opportunities and then guides the Swing / Day trader through the profitable range of each parabolic arc. The Early Warning Systems algorithms generate the Early Warning System indicator dots as well as the Cross / Over dots.  The second hybrid algorithm within this indicator is referred to as SWING•GENIE Cycles. It signals traders when optimal entry and exit situations exist by displaying the primary buy and sell dots. Finally Volume Price Projection provide a unique insight into potential trends based on significant volume changes. Combined, these indicators determine and communicate to the trader, optimal entry signals and then continuously updates the trader on what the status of your trade currently is, allowing you to make entry/exit decisions with a level of confidence and profitability no other swing/day trading platform provides.  

The core indicator of this package is the Early Warning System.  It insight and accuracy is derived from deconstructing the chart and then reconstruction it, revealing each and every parabolic swing in any time frame.  The animation below provides a graphic and quick demonstrates of the process.  

Detailed explanations of what each of SWING•GENIE's indicators are communicating to the trader and exactly how each is calculated are provided in a serries of slides on the fellowing dedicated pages.  





A Swing trading overview is provided on the fellowing page:


The Swing•Genie suite of indicators has also been published in the journal of "Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities," (TASC). TASC is the premier publication of technicians, analysis, and equity traders. The Early Warning System is a series of three articles.  Each one describes in detail the development process and the techniques utilized to produce these indicators. Each of these articles should be read by all traders considering or currently utilizing the SWING•GENIE TradingView package. The goal of these articles was to provides the trader with greater insights and understanding of the targeted strategies these technical analysis tools provide. The full articles can be accessed at: Traders.com/ 

Aug 2017 - Early Warning System I

"May Day, May Day!"

Sept 2017 - Early Warning System II

"Swing Signals for Swing and Day Traders"

Oct 2017 - Early Warning System III 

"Volume Price Projection"

You can access these articles online at Traders.com/

There is a hugh body of information and rescources on our web pages. Very valuable insights can be obtained through the articles published in TASC.  We are glad to answer questions on any topic related to trading, our indicators or technical analysis.  Just use the form below to provide us with your email.  While you are at it, send us a couple of ticker symbols, in the time frame of your choice, and we will provide you with those charts so you can see the advantages and insights availab to you through SWING•GENIE. 

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